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1940s Cold Rayon Novelty Print Day Dress | Pink Squiggle Dress | Button Front

1940s Cold Rayon Novelty Print Day Dress | Pink Squiggle Dress | Button Front

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early 1940s vintage (maybe late 1930s!)

a real favorite of mine this summer! tailored in a fabulous pink and white squiggle cold rayon in a sporty cut, with flattering elbow-length sleeves, slight blouson top with perfect little bow tie, and top-stitched pleated skirt. buttons down the front. the top buttons are a popcorn white celluloid, the lower are hidden in a placket. with original (restored) coordinating fabric belt.

material: rayon
label: Joan Gardner Frock

sizing: S/M-M
model is a modern M 5’ 8” 36 b | 29 w | 40 h

shoulders: 14 ¾”
bust: 40”
waist: 31” (allow for extra inches to cinch belt and create blouson fit)
hips: 40”
bodice length: 17”
skirt length: 26”

condition: good / very good. clean, sturdy, and will make you look and feel amazing! However, some scattered flaws to note. Overall I detect some light fade, and it feels softened from wear and wash (a well-loved piece!). nicely-done embroidery thread belt loops appear to be a later addition. Bottom most button tore out and is missing- tear point has been patched with self fabric/stabilized with fusible. Second-to-bottom button is a replacement and doesn’t perfectly match. Neither are big deals in my book because you will likely want to leave the bottom open anyways for ease of movement, and the button placket is covered on the skirt. top stitching at the bottom points of the hip pleats show some strain. One has been nearly invisibly patched (1/4” or smaller) with self-fabric. similar tiny patch at left underarm and lower front skirt. I was able to use small bits of fabric from the seam allowance and light fusible for these and they are not easily detected by the average viewer. Belt has been restored with a new (modern make) backing and a replacement era-appropriate buckle. Workable and sturdy now, but has some extra slightly funky stitching and is overall a little worn. I will include the original buckle with the dress (which is functional but badly flawed). I know the list seems long, but trust me that these little scattered flaws all but disappear when worn!

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