sustainability goals

sustainability goals

if you've followed we, mcgee for a while you know fostering a more sustainable retail experience is important to me (Shannon). I didn't always love vintage for its gentle social and environmental impact, but now its what I love most about it. I try to bring this value to bear across all aspects of the shop, which is why I'm always working on ways to reduce the single use plastics and carbon footprint of we, mcgee's shipping supplies and why 1% of annual revenue is donated to causes that empower women (improving access to education, family planning, and fair wages for women will have a big positive impact on global social and environmental outcomes).  

This year, I'd like to apply some of these goals more intentionally to my own wardrobe:

1. no fast fashion (this won't be a big one for me, as I'm already pretty disengaged with the fast fashion industry. But making it a hard rule means eliminating those handful of times a year I make a guilty pleasure, dirty little impulse buy at TJ Maxx or Target. 

2. no impulse fashion buys of any sort. I have a bad habit of grabbing things for myself when I'm sourcing for we, mcgee. usually pieces that are cool, but too modern, too damaged, or just outside the scope of the shop, but also not things I really need. I usually buy without trying on, and for one reason or another, they end up back in the donate pile. NO MORE. this one will be harder for me. 

3. examination of my own style + fashion goals coordinated with wardrobe overhaul. you'd think someone who curates a clothing shop would have a handle on their personal style, but honestly, I'm kind of all over the place these days, and the shop is a major enabler (see above). In addition, since being pregnant/postpartum, and now raising a toddler while running the shop, I've leaned heavily into pieces that offer comfort and utility and lots of cute/cool stuff is languishing in drawers and closets. I'd like get a little less sartorially congested and a little more focused. 

4. identify 3-5 true gaps in my wardrobe and fill them strategically with pieces that are vintage or made by vetted "slow fashion" makers. 

In order to make these lofty goals acheivable, I'm spreading the process out into steps over the course of the year, which leads me to

5. accompany each step with a reading listing to help me gain some insights into my own wardrobe and fashion industry in general. Starting this month with The Curated Closet.

Anyone want to join me?! Nothing New 2020: closet clean out, fashion book club?!

January: read The Curated Closet and get a grip
February: clean out party/formal wear, accessories and jewelry.
start piles (not literal piles.. bins?):
Start reading: The Conscious Closet

 anyways, I'll let you know how its going for me. 

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