packaging at we, mcgee

packaging at we, mcgee

as an online retailer of physical goods, packing and shipping is a big part of we, mcgee's daily ops. from day one I've spent a lot of time thinking about how best to package your orders to balance efficiency (for me), delight (for you), and impact (for mama Earth, and our kids). 

Switching over to more ecofriendly packaging is a move that addresses all three concerns. So I'm excited to share that as of 2020, we, mcgee's packaging is about 95% derived from recycled materials (meaning no new plastic was created, no new trees were cut down). In addition to that, all our paper boxes and mailers are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and our polymailers are reusable (they have a second seal-able strip so you can literally use them again!) and recyclable where ever soft plastics (#2 and #4) are accepted. 

I will continue to use a mix of paper and plastic packaging for orders, with variations depending on size and fragility. All orders will ship with either an interior plastic sleeve or an exterior polymailer envelope. This is a precaution against water and general handling damage. I dislike relying on plastics (even recycled ones!) but I recognize the purpose they serve, and also have been surprised to learn that in some ways plastic packaging can have lower eco-impacts  (for instance they are lighter and take up less room than paper, so have a smaller carbon footprint when shipped and stored in bulk. Also paper/pulp products are very resource intensive to make), but alas, they do not biodegrade.

If you are committed to reducing your own reliance on single use plastics, and prefer to receive your order without plastic packaging, I am happy to accommodate you.  Please just comment "no plastic please" in the comment field provided in your cart before you head to checkout!

+ I promise to continue to seek out packaging options that will best serve you, the business, and the planet, as they become available! 

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