launching a newsletter!

launching a newsletter!

Hi All + Happy 2020!

like many, the start of a new year typically stirs in me an increased sense of urgency to make the changes or start the habits I've been thinking about all the previous year(s), personal goals (drink more water, don't bring my phone to bed, etc.) but also business ones! One over-arching goal of mine is to create an online platform for we, mcgee that feels cohesive, unique, and community oriented. Opening the stand-alone website in 2019 was part of that goal, but its felt largely like a foundation with scaffolding, waiting for me to start building it out. Some of that is aesthetics, some of it content, some it functionality. To begin with, I've made some small (but badly needed!) tweaks to the checkout process that will hopefully create a smoother and more intuitive experience for you. I hope you will reach out and let me know if there's any part of your the process you find frustrating or confusing! 

Another piece of the equation is launching a newsletter.  I hope this will be a fun and useful way for me to connect with you, and for you to connect with the vintage! Right now, I plan to send one out every 2 weeks, coordinated with the release of a new collection. Newsletters will include a direct link to shop new pieces, as well as highlights, previews of upcoming collections, exclusive discount codes, and maybe some shop talk (like this!) It will certainly evolve a bit as I become more familiar with the application, and as I learn what works for you. 

Thanks for being along for the ride with me! Excited to keep building a platform, and bringing you the vintage you love in 2020.





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